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This is a relatively straightforward and lower level quest that rewards an ALL/ALL bracer with the focus effect Burning Affliction III. Perfect for Necros, Shamans, Druids etc.

Coldain Military Wristguard.jpg

The quest works differently from live. Essentially the first 3/4 of the quest is Coldain Military Wristguard and the last 1/4 is Crystal Caverns' Ancient Artifacts.

Please note - You need to be able to enter Thurgadin and Kael Drakkel to do hand-ins. If your faction is bad in either make a Rallos Zek worshiping Ogre/Troll Warrior/Shaman and run it invis over to Velious from the hub transporter or ask nicely for a port to GD. They can enter either zone at level 1 and perform all hand-ins. All items involved are tradeable.

Here's how to get it.

Velium War Wolf Choker[]

  • Head to Great Divide. You need to get a Velium War Wolf Choker from a Coldain War Wolf. There are 5 possible spawn locations marked on the map below as WOLF #1 - WOLF #5. The placeholder is a coldain tracking wolf and once spawned they roam. Each spawn has a respawn time of 10 minutes 40 seconds and has a 10% chance to spawn the named. Your best bet is to bring a tracker or just slaughter every coldain tracking wolf you find between those points. Tracking wolves are level 29, the War Wolf is level 35. Special note, killing the tracking wolves will wreck your Thurgadin faction but raise your Kromrif/Kromzek faction. After 2-3 hours trying to get the War Wolf to spawn I was max ally in Kael.
    • Cmw wolf spawns.jpg

Bottle of Karsin Acid[]

  • Head to Crystal Caverns in Eastern Wastes. You need to loot a Bottle of Karsin Acid which is a 4% drop rate from any of the Ry'Gorr Orcs or the genoids a bit deeper. The Ry'Gorr are circa level 29 and the Genoids are circa level 35.

Gem of Persuasion[]

Harness of Control[]

  • Head to Kael Drakkel. Find the a frost giant wolf tamer under the last bridge before the King Tormax room as shown in the map below. Hail him and say "work" and he will give you a task named "Coldain Military Wristguard". Hand in the Gem of Persuasion and the Velium War Wolf Choker at the same time to the a frost giant wolf tamer to receive Harness of Control
    • Cmw kael map.jpg

Find the shardwurm broodmother[]

  • Head back to Great Divide for the final step. This step was buggy as hell for me but your mileage might vary. Find the shardwurm broodmother in the cave as shown below, it is indifferent to all whereas the other wurms in the tunnel will be KoS (but don't see through invis). The other wurms are easy enough to kill if you are higher level but watch out for the named Shardtooth as it is higher level and hits harder
    • Cmw gd wurm.jpg

Start the event[]

  • Hand the Harness of Control to the shardwurm broodmother and it will start to walk out of the caves taking this route to the giant fort. The wurm takes around 8 minutes from leaving the cave to arriving at the giant fort.
    • Cmw wurm route.jpg

Spawn the NPCs[]

  • This step isn't an exact science. But to spawn the NPCs required outside of the giant fort you need to enter proximity of the shardwurm broodmother at a particular waypoint. So, basically, follow it, once it gets to the point as shown in the map below back away from it a good distance (45 units) then resume hugging the wurm. This should cause Gralk Dwarfkiller and Fergul Frostsky to spawn just outside the entrance to the giant fort where the map above ends. (Please note - killing the same NPCs inside the building in the giant fort won't grant the items, they are totally different NPCs with different loot tables).
    • Cmw wurm prox point.jpg

Kill and Loot[]

  • The shardwurm broodmother should stop at the fort and then attack Gralk Dwarfkiller. At this time Fergul Frostsky should start running. Chase Fergul Frostsky down and beat his ass. Loot up and enjoy the spoils! Fergul is level 40 but doesn't hit particularly hard, easy enough to root and dot/nuke if solo.
    • Cmw end of wurm.jpg
    • Cmw loot.jpg


Don't panic if the two NPCs don't spawn outside of the fort on your first try. The wurm will path back to the cave where you handed it the Harness of Control and then make it's way back to the giant fort. You can try triggering the spawns as many times as you want. I'll have a trawl through the PEQ DB and see if I can figure out the waypoint co-ordinates exactly that triggers the spawns.