IxiQuest Wiki

Symbol of the Apprentice[]

  • (optional) Hail Venenzi Oberzendi in Nektulos Forest
  • (optional) Hail Kazen Fecae in Lake Rathetear
  • Kill Sir Edwin Motte and loot his Head
  • Give the Head to Kazen Fecae for the Symbol of the Apprentice

Symbol of the Serpent[]

  • Give the Symbol to Venenzi Oberzendi in Nektulos Forest for the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice
  • Kill Najena (NPC) and loot the Flowing Black Robe
  • Give the Flowing Black Robe to Venenzi for Rolling Stone Moss
  • Head to Lake Rathetear, Give the Rolling Stone Moss and the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice to Emkel Kabae.
  • Receive Symbol of the Serpent

Symbol of Testing[]

  • Hail Ssessthrass in Swamp of No Hope and give him the Symbol of the Serpent for the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent
  • Kill Grand Herbalist Mak`ha/Royal Sarnak Herbalist in Chardok and loot the Manisi Herb
  • Give the Manisi Herb and the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent to Ssessthrass for a Refined Mainsi Herb
  • Give the Refined Mainsi Herb to Emkel Kabae for the Symbol of Testing

Symbol of Insanity[]

  • OPTIONAL: Give the Symbol of Testing to Kazen Fecae
  • OR Kill Kazen Fecae (see Kazen's page for more info on the fight)
  • Go to the small inlet east of Emkel and kill a bone golem
  • Kill a failed apprentice
  • Kill A tortured soul and loot the Symbol of Insanity

Gzallk in a Box[]

  • Give the Symbol of Insanity to Drendico Metalbones in Timorous Deep and receive the Journal
  • Speak to Jzil GSix in Plane of Sky
  • Kill An azarack's and other second isle monsters for the Silver Disc
  • Kill A gorgalask and other third isle monsters for the Spiroc Feathers
  • Kill Keeper of Souls for the Black Silk Cape
  • Give the items to Jzil GSix for the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers
  • Kill Mini-Bosses formerly Innoruuk (God) from Plane of Hate for the Eye of Innoruuk
  • Kill Cazic Thule (God) or the golems from Plane of Fear for the Slime Blood of Cazic Thule
  • Give the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers, Eye of Innoruuk, Slime Blood of Cazic Thule, and Journal to Drendico Metalbones and receive the Prepared Regents Box
  • Give the Prepared Regents Box to Kazen for the Tome of Instruction
  • Give the Tome of Instruction to Gkzzallk for Gkzzallk in a Box -- This will despawn the island 1 boss.

Scythe of the Shadowed Soul[]

  • Give Gkzzallk in a Box to Kazen Fecae for Scythe of the Shadowed Soul